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Users of steroids always have a major concern that they need to use such steroids which can’t be detected in dope test. This is because being performance enhancing drugs steroids are usually banned from use in certain sports. Athletes are being tested for the use of drugs and if found under the effect of drugs it will cause straight disqualification. Thus it is important for users of steroids to ensure the steroid they are using leaves the body quickly, especially if they are using the drug a few days before a match.

Testosterone Propionate is an effective steroid which produces impressive results in short span of time. Being a short termed ester, it not only enters the blood stream quickly but also leaves the body quickly. This is why Testosterone Propionate needs to be injected frequently.

Testosterone Propionate Profile


Testosterone Propionate focuses its attention on protein metabolism and nitrogen retention; the muscle building factors. The muscles are able to hold more nitrogen which in turn enhances the shape and size of the muscles. Body builders who desire quality muscles buy testosterone propionate. Testosterone Propionate is a powerful steroid and those who buy testosterone propionate will notice a dramatic gain in terms of strength and size. Testosterone Propionate is suited for both cutting and bulking cycles. One advantage of Testosterone Propionate is that the water retention caused by it is quite mild. Water retention affects the muscles negatively; the water accumulates under the skin and deprives the muscles of the hard lean look. Similarly fat deposition is another unwanted side effect of steroids but Testosterone Propionate does not encourage fat deposition too. Those who want to avoid water and fat deposition and want to have a hard and lean physique buy Testosterone Propionate. The user of Testosterone Propionate also experiences an increase in appetite and a greater vigor for intense training. In order to excel in power lifting and body building, a sports person needs to train harder; Testosterone Propionate gives this drive.

As mentioned earlier Testosterone Propionate is a short termed ester with a half life of only 1 or 2 days and needs to be injected every second day. This causes the injected area to become sore and the user experiences a low grade fever for a couple of days. This is why Testosterone Propionate is often taken in combination with a long acting ester so that the frequency of injection is minimized.

Women athletes and body builders buy testosterone propionate because unlike other steroids it does not produce strong virilization effects. In Virilization women develop male features like deep hoarse voice and hair growth on the face and body. The menstrual cycle of women gets disturbed too. When women take Testosterone Propionate at regular intervals, they not only get the results they desire but also are not affected by this serious side effect.

Gynocomastia another serious side effect of Testosterone Propionate is also quite mild with Testosterone Propionate.

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Testosterone Propionate can only be obtained locally on producing a prescription. Under these circumstances those who needed steroids for building muscles had to buy them on the black market and that too after paying a king’s ransom. But luckily with the advent of internet, things have changed and now you can buy testosterone propionate online as well. The online pharmacies especially those who have been around for five years or more are highly trustable. They keep any information you provide about yourself confidential and supply you genuine steroids at an extremely reasonable price and that too without a prescription.

Buying online is the safest and fastest option for steroid users since it not only ensures confidentiality but also gets the user the original steroid that has a great effect on the body. Online pharmacies ensure quality as they have to build trust and maintain a long lasting relationship with their client. If you decide to buy testosterone propionate online make sure you have read enough views to support your decision. More the reviews and client’s feedback a supplier has, more reliable he will be. So before making any payment read about the dealer thoroughly so as to avoid making a payment you will repent later on.